A powerful calculator with basic, scientific and engineering functions that supports four notations: decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary.
It contains over 30 built-in functions - trigonometric, logarithmic, exponent ones in addition to standard functions.
Intuitive keyboard design provides efficient access to lots of functions without having to access menus or lists.
Features include:
* Large display with lots of graphic indicators
* Precedence mode - to reduce entering parenthesis (e.g. 2+2*2=6)
* Operations and conversions can be performed in binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal notation
* Calculates basic arithmetic functions
* Calculates the root, square root or cube root of a number
* Raise to power functions
* Logarithmic and exponent functions
* Trigonometric functions
* Calculates in degrees, radians or grads, mil, rev
* Displays results in normal, scientific, or fix mode
* Memory operations
* 'Call last result' function
* Operations with big and small numbers are supported (up to ten in 308th power or ten in minus 308th power)
What's new in v.1.06:
* Registration engine is tweaked
* Calculator display is no longer flicking
* Some cosmetic improvements