TimeCard is the solution for professional mobile timesheets. Professionals or employees can log time dedicate to customers, projects, and tasks on their phone and sent data via one email.
TimeCard can benefit all companies with staff frequently out of the office or where a recap of the time dedicated to a customer or project needs to be effected at any time and any place without needing a personal computer or Internet access.
TimeCard can split your professional time by customers, projects, tasks or if you want only by customers. TimeCard can also be used by professionals such as lawyers or consultants to track the hours dedicated to a certain case, in periods of time in any place (for example on public transport or while waiting for a meeting to begin).
Unlike other Web applications which carry out similar time card acquisition tasks, TimeCard makes it possible to reduce Internet connection time to a minimum, because the data is entered and controlled offline by the user and is only later sent via an e-mail.
Timesheet web service is optimal if you stay at home or in an office, but if you want trace your work time everywhere without Internet connection costs and slow response time, you can use TimeCard.
We are working to integrate TimeCard with most famous timesheet web service
The perfect TimeCard customer is company with workforce, professional, lawyers, and anyone need to trace time.
Details features :
Manage an unlimited number of timesheet,projects,customers,tasks and expenses
Management of expenses by type (taxi, accomodation, board etc.).
Instant Task.
Integrated with Aldea TimeCard Web Service
Easy speedy report with monthly recaps on the entered expenses and cards
Send all data in HTML or CSV format to an e-mail address
Secure data clean up only afther data are sent.
Export in HTML/CSV format in local file system
Support for English, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, French, Dutch, Finnish, Romanian, Portuguese and Norwegian user interface
Check for update features.
TimeCard CSV file can easily imported in Excel or your Enterprise Timesheet System