CallingCard Reborn. Calling Card was the first Series 60 Call Routing Application on the market. No more tedious manual dialing of calling card or access numbers which can easily end up being 20 or 30 digits in lenght.
Dialer will automatically handle the routing and dialing of access numbers, pin codes and the destination number all with zero effort. Dialer
will be offered in two versions - Enterprise & Consumer. The Commerical version will be customized & branded to the suit the client's needs. Access numbers and patterns will typically be hard coded. We'll create a white label version of the application to fit your brand & company. Versions that support Call Back & remote updates via SMS are available.
The consumer version will allow the user to setup different calling cards, or access numbers via a wizard. Pin codes and other common scenarios will be available to make it one of the most flexible applications of it's kind. Both versions will run silently in the background, autostart on reboot, update the call log (to remove the access number) and support routing of SMS messages via an SMSC (SMSC account required, but not provided).
Dialer is available for Series 60 3rd & 5th Edition,