Sideralis v1.3.8 b570 S60v3v5 J2ME (Displays Stars Positions in Sky from your Current position)

Sideralis is a small and free midlet application which displays a map of the stars on your mobile phone. In other words a sky chart for mobile phones.
This is an equivalent to Stellarium or KStar but on your mobile phone.
Your mobile should support MIDP2.0 and CLDC1.1, be up to date and have enough internal memory. Please have a look at the following page to know what your mobile supports: J2ME Devices.
* A lot of different objects:
* More than 800 stars.
* 5 planets: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.
* Sun and Moon.
* 3 different views :
* Horizontal view.
* Zenith view.
* Night view
* Information on all objects:
o Name.
o Magnitude
o Distance
o Azimuth
o Height
* Current time or any time can be chosen.
* Selection of location by either entering latitude and longitude, by selecting a city among more than 80 cities or by selection on a globe.
* Small dictionary available giving some interesting information about universe and constellations
* Change Log
* - Almost fully rewritten code to improve performance and stability, and prepare for future functionalities
* - Added stars, constellations and names of stars
* - Support for touch screen (to be tested)
* - Added Pluton and Neptune
* - Improved precision for Saturn and Jupiter
* - Added effect of atmosphere in calculation
* - Only for mobile supporting 3D API: possiblity to zoom and scroll in all direction in horizontal view.
* - Reorganized help. Now press '#' to get a virtual keypad explaining the function of each keys
* - Still missing: full support of touch screen, some translations.
* - No bug know as of today